Spurred on by the Upper St. Clair Women’s Club 1965 publication of Margaret Gilfillan’s documentary, “Upper St. Clair As It Was”, the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair has its’ beginnings in 1974 as the Historical Committee of the Friends of the Library. Then in 1977, “An Historic Album”, containing photos of many of the historic home in the area, was released through the work of Suellen Welty, Margaret Gilfillan, Joyce Keller, Bill Stevenson, E.H. Lybarger, Ned Garnhart and Katherine Griswold. Through the work of dedicated residents like these, the group evolved into the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair at work today.


The purpose of the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair is to preserve the history of the township through activitives such as collecting and archiving artifacts, distributing historical information to the community and maintaining the 15-acre Gilfillan Farm. This is only made possible through the invaluable contribution of past and present residents, who have shared their pictures, artifacts, stories and lives that make up the history of Upper St. Clair.


It is exciting to see how much is being done to preserve and to share the history of our community: many have given their homes and their time, residents have been able to participate in events like the annual Gilfillan tours and the photo history Images of America: Upper St. Clair.  The commitment to excellence so apparent in Upper St. Clair’s past can already be seen in the history of tomorrow.


The Historical Society of Upper St. Clair would love for you to join us in the endeavor of preserving our local history. 


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